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In 2009 we began this amazing adventure with a

small herd of purebred Nubian goats. One day

Trisha realized we had a LOT of milk - more than

we could consume. She googled and found all

kinds of recipes - various cheeses, dulce de leche,

butter, kefir, pudding, dips, cheesecake, yogurt,

fudge, ice cream - you name it she has probably

tried it! but that still didn't use up all our milk! 

Then she found 'goat milk soap' and after one

batch we were hooked. No more itching after a

shower, no more dry hands in winter (this is pretty

big for a farmer in the North!).

Brad even uses it as his shampoo and has found it

soothing on his scalp. 

Trisha kept tweaking her recipe till she came up

with a bar that lathers well, has a very high amount

of goat milk in it, is gentle and soothing, and lasts 

a long time.

Then we we had another problem - also a good problem - Trisha made so much soap we realized we had more than we could use ourselves so started giving it to friends, family, and coworkers... then they became hooked on it and strongly suggested we turn this fun little hobby into a business! Our research turned to essential oils and what scents and combos worked.

We now offer our products in several different scents.

Word spread and we started getting special requests and orders and the rest is history! In addition to bar soap, we make bath bombs and lip balm. Trisha has many, many (!) plans for other exciting products we hope to introduce in the future. 

We love our goats very much. Each one is registered and has a name. We know their personalities and each one is treated as an individual. Healthy, happy goats is our passion. Their health is our top priority and we use herbs as much as possible.

If you would like to know more about our herd, please go to the goat website here

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